Everlasting, Neverending Game Night


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Hi Reader,

Welcome! Please, come in. Help yourself to snacks. I cut some daffodils and put them in a mason jar with clean water. I think daffs like a simple presentation, don't you?

Guess what. The number of guests at our house has increased recently. Spring has sprung.

Three days ago, Udo (our aging husky) found tiny rabbits.

They're cottontails. Just three days old at the time, I'm guessing. They're snug in a hole Udo dug under our back deck. Well, it was his hole. Now it's their nest. He started to remove them (surprisingly carefully), but I pulled him away and put them back.

We're pretty sure Mama Bun has come back to feed them, but we won't bother them for at least two weeks. This has also put a moratorium on lawn-mowing, which I can't say I'm sad about. We want to care for our new tenants, right?

I admit it's hard to segue from that. There's really nothing about the bunnies that relates to tabletop role-playing games. I just had to tell you.

Here, in brief, is what else is going on around here:

  • Raccoon Sky Pirates: I've started shipping 144 games a week to Indie Press Revolution, the game's distributor. For a little while there in February, sales dipped, but now they've more than made that up. Raccoon Sky Pirates is #1 on their front page!
  • Defy the Gods: The public beta is out there, and I'm getting great feedback! If you think your group would want to play it, check out the link! There are ways to play both in person and online.
  • Origins Game Fair: I'm getting ready to exhibit at Origins, June 19–23! It seems far off now, but the planning is already in gear. I'll let you know my booth number next time!

Last, I'm in the middle of a great game of Dream Askew, by Avery Alder. It's slice-of-life in an unevenly distributed apocalypse. It's full of wonderful weirdness. The world is crumbling, and we the players are finding new ways to be in community with each other.

It's just amazing what new life is right under our feet, under our noses, or in our veins. Before we meet again this spring, I hope you find some renewal in your life—even if it's not tiny rabbits.

I say, get into a game with good friends. That's a solid place to start. What you imagine today could become reality by this time next spring.


P.S. I'm spending a lot of time these days fulfilling orders for Raccoon Sky Pirates—which I love. If you know anyone who hasn't yet felt the joy of being a flying chaos gremlin, point them to IPR's website!

Everlasting, Neverending Game Night

by Chris Sellers, they/them

🌈🚀 Reliable wonder engine. I make narrative role-playing games that imagine a weirder, queerer, more connected world.

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